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Sweet The Moments, Rich In Blessing

by James Allen (1734-1804), and W. W. Shirley (1725-1786)

Tune: Halle

1 SWEET the moments, rich in blessing,
Musing o'er the cross we spend;
Life, and health, and peace possessing
From the dying sinners' Friend.

2 Here we rest --- in wonder viewing
All our guilt on Jesus laid,
And a full redemption flowing
From the sacrifice He made.

3 Here we find the dawn of heaven,
While upon the Lamb we gaze,
See our trespasses forgiven,
And our songs of triumph raise.

4 O that strong in faith abiding,
We may to the Saviour cleave,
Nought with Him our hearts dividing,
All for Him content to leave!

5 May we still, God's mind discerning,
To the Lamb for wisdom go;
There new wonders daily learning,
All the depths of mercy know.

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