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Hymn Set: Findochty 2015

Hymn: 181 - Glord, Lord, Is Thine For Ever
Tune: Channels Only

Hymn: 77 - Father Of Glory, Our Songs We Are Raising
Tune: Epiphany Hymn Dactylic

Hymn: 375 - Lord, We Do Not Ask The Question
Tune: Filey

Hymn: 174 - O Patient Spotless One
Tune: Spotless One S.M.

Hymn: 81 - O Lord, Thy Glory We Behold
Tune: Wiltshire C.M.

Hymn: 247 - And Is It So? We Shall Be Like Thy Son
Tune: Eventide

Hymn: 252 - Sweet The Moments, Rich In Blessing
Tune: Halle

Hymn: 256 - Hail To The Lord's Anointed
Tune: Petition

Hymn: 276 - Guide Us, O Thou Gracious Saviour
Tune: Regent Square

Hymn: 302 - O Blessed Lord, What Hast Thou Done
Tune: Manoah C.M.

Hymn: 341 - O Gracious God, Thy Pleasure
Tune: Day of Rest

Hymn: 357 - Thou Hast Stood Here, Lord Jesus
Tune: Passion Chorale

Hymn: 398 - O Thou Who Hast Redeemed Of Old
Tune: Pembroke
* Verse 3 only

Hymn: 431 - We Praise Thee, Lord, In Strains Of Deepest Joy
Tune: Eventide

Hymn: 455 - Lord, We Can See, By Faith In Thee
Tune: The Sweetest Name Iambic

Hymn: 485 - Thou Art The First, Lord Jesus
Tune: Work / Robe of Brightness

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