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O Patient Spotless One

by Christian Andreas Bernstein (1672-1699)

Tune: Spotless One S.M.

Tune: Solyma S.M.

Tune: Spotless One S.M.

1 O PATIENT, spotless One!
Our hearts in meekness train,
To bear Thy yoke, and learn of Thee,
That we may rest obtain.

2 Jesus, Thou art enough
The mind and heart to fill;
Thy patient life --- to calm the soul;
Thy love --- its fear dispel.

3 O fix our earnest gaze
So wholly, Lord, on Thee,
That, with Thy beauty occupied,
We elsewhere none may see.

Nick Fleet said ...
You can hear the tune SOLYMA sung with better timing (3/4 rather than 4/4) under hymn 91 (recorded at Castlewellan in 2014). The tune SPOTLESS ONE is actually an old psalm tune called SELMA, supposedly adapted by R. A. Smith from a traditional Isle of Arran melody c. 1825.
Saturday, Mar 31, 2018 : 01:44
Elizabeth Morris. said ...
Have had this lovely hymn on my heart today.
Monday, Jul 15, 2019 : 06:21
Gregory Morris said ...
Fair waved the golden corn
in Canaan's pleasant land...
Sunday, Jan 9, 2022 : 07:52

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