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Thou Art The First, Lord Jesus

by G.W. Frazer

Tune: St. Theodulph

1 THOU art the First, Lord Jesus,
And so Thou art the Last;
Thou fillest all the future,
The present, and the past;
The Alpha, the Beginning,
The Omega, the End;
Once dead, alive for ever,
To whom each knee shall bend.

2 Thou brightness of the glory
Which eye hath never seen!
Thou never hadst beginning,
Eternal Thou hast been;
Thou art the perfect Image
Of God Invisible,
In light which none approacheth,
In love which none can tell.

3 First-born of all creation
Upon the eternal throne!
Pre-eminent in all things,
The universe Thine own!
Of everything Creator,
By whom all things subsist!
All praise to Thee, Lord Jesus,
From all that doth exist!


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