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Thou Hast Stood Here, Lord Jesus

by J.G. Deck

Tune: Passion Chorale

1 THOU hast stood here, Lord Jesus
Beside the still, cold grave,
And proved Thy deep compassion,
Thy mightiness to save;
Thy tears of tender pity,
Thy spirit's anguished groan,
Teach how for us Thou feelest
Now seated on the throne.

2 Thou hast lain here, Lord Jesus,
Thyself the Victim then;
The Lord of life and glory
Once slain for sinful men.
From sin and condemnation,
When none but Thou could'st save,
Thy love than death was stronger,
And deeper than the grave.

3 Thou hast been here, Lord Jesus,
But Thou art here no more;
The terror and the darkness,
The night of death are o'er;
Great Captain of salvation,
Thy triumphs now we sing;
O grave, where is thy victory?
O death, where is thy sting?

4 We wait for Thine appearing:
We weep, but we rejoice;
In all our grief and sorrow
We still can hear Thy voice:
"I am the Resurrection;
I live, who once was slain;
Fear not, the one thou mournest
Shall rise with Me to reign."

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