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Lord Jesus Christ, Our Living Head

by C. C. Elliott (1866-1949)

Tune: Eagley C.M.

Tune: Eagley C.M.

Tune: Eagley C.M.
* Verses 1,2,4,6

1 LORD Jesus Christ, our living Head,
How bright Thy glories shine!
Unique in Thy humanity:
Eternally divine.

2 Thou wast before created things,
Of all the Author Thou;
Upholder of the universe,
To Thee as God we bow.

3 The creature mind, howe'er sublime,
Thine essence cannot know,
Yet we to Thee in majesty,
With reverence bend low.

4 But in Thy manhood's glorious state
Our thankful hearts rejoice;
For of Thy body, Lord, are we,
Of love divine the choice.

5 Great source of wisdom, power and food,
All riches from Thee flow;
Thou on Thy church, Thy fulness here,
All treasure dost bestow.

6 So unto Thee, our glorious Head,
Love's tribute now we bring,
In nearness here to Thee on high
In heavenly measures sing.

Mackie said ...
What a WONDERFUL hymn!
Tuesday, Jul 25, 2017 : 18:27

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