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Oh Scenes Of Heavenly Joy

by T. Porter

Tune: Trentham S.M.

1 OH scenes of heavenly joy!
The Father's house above,
Where cloudless peace without alloy,
Fills all that home of love.

2 There glory bright and fair,
Shines with celestial beam;
For He who suffered once is there,
Its centre and its theme.

3 The Father's full delight
Is centred in the Son,
And countless tongues in heaven unite
To tell what He hath done.

4 The Lamb enthroned shall there
Engage each raptured heart,
While myriad saints Christ's likeness bear
And have with Him their part.

5 'Tis He who made us meet
With saints in light to dwell;
And now we chant His praises sweet,
Whose love we know so well.

6 E'en now we taste the love,
And know the mighty power,
By which we'll rise to realms above
When waiting time is o'er.

7 Praise Him again, again ---
For us the cross He bore;
Now all is Yea, and all Amen,
In Him for evermore.

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