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Saviour, Come, Thy Saints Are Waiting

by Thomas Kelly (1769-1854)

Tune: Cwm Rhondda

1 SAVIOUR, come, Thy saints are waiting,
Waiting for the nuptial day,
Thence their promised glory dating;
Come and bear Thy saints away.
Come, Lord Jesus,
Thus Thy waiting people pray.

2 Base the wish, and vain the endeavour,
Here on earth to find our rest;
Till we see Thy face, we never
Shall or can be fully blest;
In Thy presence
Nothing shall our peace molest.

3 Lord, we wait for Thine appearing;
"Quickly come" Thy people say;
Bright the prospect is and cheering,
Of beholding Thee that day;
When our sorrow
Shall for ever pass away.

4 Till it comes, O keep us steady,
Keep us walking in Thy ways;
At Thy call may we be ready,
On Thee, Lord, with joy to gaze;
And in heaven
Sing Thine everlasting praise.

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