Brethren Archive


Oh! The Peace For Ever Flowing

by A.P. Cecil

Tune: Ovio

1 OH! the peace for ever flowing
From God's thoughts of His own Son,
Oh, the peace of simply knowing,
On the cross that all was done.

2 Peace with God, for Christ in heaven
Object is of faith to me:
Peace with God! the Lord is risen!
Righteousness now counts me free.

3 Peace with God --- for Christ's in glory,
God is just and God is love;
Oh! how blessed is the story,
That we're brought to God above.

4 Now free access to the Father,
Through the Christ of God, we have;
By the Spirit here abiding,
Promise of the Father's love.

5 Jesus, Saviour, we adore Thee!
Christ of God --- Anointed Son;
We confess Thee, Lord of glory,
Fruits of victory Thou hast won!

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