Brethren Archive


"Buried With Christ," And Raised With Him Too

by T. Ryder

1 "BURIED with Christ," and raised with Him too;
What is there left for me to do?
Simply to cease from struggling and strife,
Simply to "walk in newness of life."
Glory be to God.

2 "Risen with Christ," my glorious Head;
Holiness, now, the pathway I tread,
Beautiful thought, while walking therein:
"He that is dead is freed from sin."
Glory be to God.

3 "Living with Christ," who "dieth no
Following Christ, who goeth before,
I am from bondage utterly freed,
Reckoning self as "dead indeed."
Glory be to God.

4 Living for Christ, my members I yield,
Servants to God, for evermore sealed,
"Not under law," I'm now "under grace,"
Sin is dethroned, and Christ takes its place.
Glory be to God.

5 Growing in Christ; no more shall be named
Things of which now I'm truly ashamed,
"Fruit unto holiness" will I bear,
Life evermore, the end I shall share.
Glory be to God.

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