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"Praise Ye The Lord," Again, Again

by Mary Bowley

Tune: Warwick C.M.

1 "PRAISE ye the Lord," again, again,
The Spirit strikes the chord;
Nor toucheth He our hearts in vain;
We praise, we praise the Lord.

2 "Rejoice in Him," again, again,
The Spirit speaks the word,
And faith takes up the happy strain;
Our joy is in the Lord.

3 "Stand fast in Christ;" ah! yet again
He teacheth all the band;
If human efforts are in vain,
In Christ it is we stand.

4 "Clean every whit;" Thou saidst it, Lord!
Shall one suspicion lurk?
Thine, surely, is a faithful word,
And Thine a finished work.

5 For ever be the glory given
To Thee, O Lamb of God!
Our every joy on earth, in heaven,
We owe it to Thy blood.

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