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Saviour, In Love Divine

by Sir Edward Denny

Tune: Silchester S.M.

1 SAVIOUR, in love divine,
'Tis Thou hast made us free
To eat the bread and drink the wine
In memory, Lord, of Thee.

2 Here every welcome guest
Waits, Lord, from Thee to learn
The secrets of Thy Father's breast,
And all Thy grace discern.

3 Conscience has closed its strife,
And faith delights to prove
The sweetness of the Bread of life,
The fulness of Thy love.

4 Oh, if this taste of love
To us is now so sweet,
What will it be, O Lord, above
Thy blessed self to meet?

5 To see Thee face to face,
Thy perfect likeness wear,
And all Thy ways of wondrous grace
Through endless years declare!

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