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Lord Jesus, Gladly Do Our Lips Express

by T. Willey (1847-1930)

Tune: Morecambe

Tune: Morecambe

1 LORD Jesus, gladly do our lips express
Our hearts' deep sense of all Thy worthiness;
Thou Risen One, the Holy and the True,
We give Thee now the praise so justly due.

2 Thou giv'st us, Lord, once more to taste down here,
The joy Thy presence brings, its warmth and cheer;
With great delight we 'neath Thy shadow rest,
Thy fruit is sweet to those Thy love has blessed.

3 Thou wast alone, till like the precious grain,
In death Thou layest, but did'st rise again;
And in Thy risen life, a countless host
Are "all of one" with Thee, Thy joy and boast.

4 We bless Thee, Lord, Thou lov'st to take Thy place
Amongst Thine own, who taste Thy boundless grace
'Tis here we learn Thee, as Thou'rt known above,
In heavenly glory --- home of perfect love.

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