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Lord Jesus, Come

by Mrs. A. Dent

Tune: Venio

Tune: Venio
* Verses 1,7

Tune: Venio

Tune: Venio

Tune: Venio

1 LORD Jesus, come,
And take Thy rightful place
As Son of man, of all the theme;
Come, Lord, to reign o'er all supreme;
Lord Jesus, come.

2 Lord Jesus, come,
The Man of sorrows once,
The Man of patience waiting now ---
The Man of joy, for ever, Thou;
Come, Saviour, come.

3 Lord Jesus, come,
Crowned with Thy many crowns ---
The Crucified, the Lamb once slain,
To wash away sin's crimson stain;
Lord Jesus, come.

4 Lord Jesus, come,
And take Thy Father's gift,
The people by Thy cross made Thine,
The trophy of Thy love divine;
Lord Jesus, come.

5 Lord Jesus, come,
That, lost in Thee, our souls,
May bow and worship and adore,
In Thy blest presence evermore;
Lord Jesus, come.

6 Lord Jesus, come,
And let Thy glory shine,
That quickly these changed bodies may
Each one reflect a living ray;
Lord Jesus, come.

7 Lord Jesus, come,
Let every knee bow down,
And every tongue to Thee confess,
The Lord of all come forth to bless;
Lord Jesus, come.

8 Spirit and Bride
With longing voice say, Come;
Yea, Lord, Thy word from that bright home,
Is, "Surely, I will quickly come";
E'en so, Lord, come.

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