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Hymn Set: Grove City 2006 ICS (From

Hymn: 83 - Lord Jesus, How our Souls Adore
Tune: Manoah C.M.
* From verse 2.

Hymn: 155 - What Was It Blessed God
Tune: Lenox

Hymn: 247 - And Is It So? We Shall Be Like Thy Son
Tune: Eventide

Hymn: 248 - Thou, Thou Art Worthy, Lord
Tune: Ferguson S.M.

Hymn: 283 - When I Survey The Wondrous Cross
Tune: Rockingham L.M.

Hymn: 345 - A Shameful Death He Dies
Tune: Troyte's Chant

Hymn: 369 - Precious, Precious Blood Of Jesus
Tune: Stephanos

Hymn: 402 - Everlasting Glory Unto Jesus Be
Tune: St. Gertrude Ref.

Hymn: 449 - Lord Jesus, Come
Tune: Venio

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