Brethren Archive


Lord Jesus, Precious Saviour

by J.N. Darby

Tune: St. Hilda

1 LORD Jesus, precious Saviour,
Oh, when wilt Thou return?
Our hearts with woe familiar
To Thee our Master turn.

2 Our woe is Thine, Lord Jesus,
Our joy is in Thy love;
But woe and joy all lead us
To Thee in heaven above.

3 To Thee we look, Lord Jesus
To Thee whose love we know;
We wait the power that frees us
From bondage, sin, and woe.

4 We look for Thine appearing,
Thy presence here to bless;
We greet the day that's nearing,
When all this woe shall cease.

5 But oh, for us, blest Saviour,
How brighter far the lot
To be with Thee for ever,
Where evil enters not! ---

6 To see Thee who so loved us
Then face to face above,
Whose grace at first had moved us
To taste and know Thy love.

7 With Thee, O Lord, for ever
Our souls shall be content:
Nor act nor thought shall ever
Full joy with Thee prevent.

8 Oh, come then soon, Lord Jesus,
In patience still we wait
(Await the power that frees us)
Our longed-for heavenly seat.

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