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Lord, In Thy Grace And Truth Our Souls Delight

by Norman Anderson (1907-1986)

Tune: O Perfect Love

1 LORD, in Thy grace and truth our souls delight,
As here in holy wedlock we unite,
Whilst humbly at Thy holy feet we bow,
And crave Thy blessing on our marriage vow.

2 Be Thou our constant guide throughout the days,
Help us to honour Thee in all our ways,
Blessing us ever, Lord, as man and wife,
And heirs together of the grace of life.

3 May grace and holiness e'er mark our home,
Which we would sanctify before Thy throne,
Make it for Thee, a Bethany, O Lord,
Witness and worship may it e'er afford.

4 Should trial come and sore oppress our way,
Then may we find in Thee our ready stay,
Trusting in Thee whate'er may intervene,
Proving Thy faithful love --- more brightly seen.

5 And when at length the evening shadows fall,
Be this the sweetest memory we recall,
That from the outset of our nuptial day,
Thy love and grace have kept us all the way.

6 That way shall bring us to the "Perfect Day"
When over all, Thou shalt have fullest sway,
When, clad in garments spotless, by Thy side,
We'll share the "lasting portion of Thy bride".

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