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'Twas Thy Love, O God, That Knew Us

by J.G. Deck

Set: HBS
Tune: Melbourne

Tune: Melbourne

1 'TWAS Thy love, O God, that knew us
Earth's foundation long before;
That same love to Jesus drew us
By its sweet constraining power,
And will keep us
Safely now, and evermore.

2 God of love, our souls adore Thee;
We would still Thy grace proclaim,
Till we cast our crowns before Thee,
And in glory praise Thy name;
Praise and worship
Be to God and to the Lamb.

Phil Martin said ...
Beautiful words that belong to the sanctuary.
John Nelson Darby travelled all the way to New Zealand in the 1800's to visit one man. That man was JG Deck.
Many of his desendants are to this day faithful ambassadors for Christ.
Sunday, May 16, 2021 : 15:03
Gregory Morris said ...
I am trying to work out which instrument is more out of tune. Better have just voices! Lovely hymn though the Taylor books have very different words
Thursday, Jul 28, 2022 : 04:15

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