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'Tis Past, The Dark And Dreary Night

by Sir Edward Denny

Tune: Grafenberg C.M.

1 'TIS past, the dark and dreary night:
And, Lord, we hail Thee now,
The Morning Star, without a cloud
Of sadness on Thy brow.

2 Thy path on earth, the cross, the grave,
Thy sorrows all are o'er,
And, oh, sweet thought! Thine eye shall weep,
Thy heart shall break no more.

3 Deep were those sorrows, deeper still
The love that brought Thee low,
That bade the streams of life from Thee,
A lifeless victim, flow.

4 Drawn from Thy pierced and bleeding side,
That pure and cleansing flood
Speaks peace to every heart that knows
The virtues of Thy blood.

5 Yet 'tis not that we know the joy
Of cancelled sin alone,
But, happier far, Thy saints are called
To share Thy glorious throne.

6 Yes, when the storm of life is calmed,
The dreary desert past,
Our way-worn hearts shall find in Thee
Their full repose at last.

Hermit said ...
This isn't the tune in the Believer's Hymns book. Do you know where I could obtain the sheet music for this version?
Wednesday, May 22, 2024 : 15:38
Tom said ...
If you click on the underlined Tune name above there is a version of the sheet music.
Wednesday, May 22, 2024 : 15:41

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