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See Mercy, Mercy From On High

by R. Sandeman (1718-1771)

Tune: Wareham L.M.

1 SEE mercy, mercy from on high
Descend to rebels doomed to die;
'Tis mercy free, which knows no bound;
How sweet, how pleasant is the sound!

2 Soon as the reign of sin began,
The light of mercy dawned on man,
When God announced the blessed news,
"The woman's Seed thy head shall bruise."

3 Brightly it beamed on men forlorn,
When Christ, the holy child, was born;
And brighter still in splendour shone
When Jesus, dying, cried, " 'Tis done".

4 Complete in power when He arose,
And burst the bands of all His foes,
Then captive led captivity,
And took for us His seat on high.

5 Till we around Him there shall throng,
This mercy shall be still our song:
For God shall every scheme confound
Of all that seek its course to bound.

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