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Rejoice, Ye Saints, Rejoice And Praise

by J. H. Evans

Tune: Walton L.M.

1 REJOICE, ye saints, rejoice and praise
The blessings of redeeming grace;
Jesus, our everlasting tower,
Mocks at the angry tempest's roar.

2 His love's a refuge ever nigh,
His watchfulness, a mountain high;
His name's a rock, which winds above
Or waves below can never move.

3 His faithfulness, for ever sure,
For endless ages will endure;
His perfect work will ever prove
The depths of His unchanging love.

4 While all things change, He changes not,
Nor e'er forgets, though oft forgot;
His love's unchangeably the same,
And as enduring as His name.

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