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Blest Be The God And Father

by G.W. Frazer

Tune: Ewing

1 BLEST be the God and Father
Of Jesus Christ the Son,
Who chose us for all blessing
Ere time had yet begun,
That we redeemed --- His children ---
Might dwell with Him above,
And know the depth and fulness
Of His unbounded love,

2 Where all those deep affections,
Which fill the Father's heart,
Shall find their satisfaction,
Their joy to us impart;
Where we, His throne surrounding,
Shall Abba, Father, say,
Within those many mansions,
Prepared for that day.

3 E'en whilst we here are waiting
His rest on high to share,
We know our blest relation
As children to Him there;
And by His Spirit's leading,
We Abba, Father, cry;
With ever-growing longing
We seek our home on high.

Harry said ...
One dear sister is very loud but nice tune
Friday, May 22, 2020 : 18:05
Roger T said ...
This hymn sounds better when sung to 'Petition' by Haydn.
Sunday, Dec 24, 2023 : 05:42

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