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Gazing On Thee, Lord, In Glory

by Elizabeth Mary Ceuta Thompson

Tune: Rhineland

Tune: Rhineland

1 GAZING on Thee, Lord, in glory,
While our hearts in worship bow,
There we read the wondrous story
Of the cross --- its shame and woe.

2 Every mark of dark dishonour
Heaped upon Thy thorn-crowned brow,
All the depths of Thy heart's sorrow
Told in answering glory now.

3 On that cross alone --- forsaken ---
Where no pitying eye was found;
Now to God's right hand exalted,
With Thy praise the heavens resound.

4 Did Thy God e'en then forsake Thee,
Hide His face from Thy deep need?
In Thy face, once marred and smitten,
All His glory now we read.

5 Gazing on it we adore Thee,
Blessed, precious, holy Lord;
Thou, the Lamb, alone art worthy,
This be earth's and heaven's accord.

6 Rise our hearts, and bless the Father,
Ceaseless song e'en here begun,
Endless praise and adoration
To the Father and the Son.

Mackie said ...
Hi Tom,
I see you've added new hymns. You're a blessing!
Thank you very much!
This is a really beautiful hymn!
Friday, Oct 6, 2017 : 15:46
Prakash Gazmere said ...
This song is indeed heart touching song. Praise the Lord ! I Really appreciate ! Wording and tuning are very nice.
Tuesday, Aug 25, 2020 : 01:43

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