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Soon Will The Master Come: Soon Pass Away

by Anonymous

Tune: Finlandia

Tune: Finlandia

1 SOON will the Master come: soon pass away
Our times of conflict, grief, and suffering here;
Our night of weeping end in cloudless day,
And sorrow's moment like a dream appear:
Eternity --- with Jesus --- in the skies ---
How soon that Sun of righteousness may rise!

2 We shall behold Him, whom not seen we love;
We shall be with Him, whom we long to see;
We shall be like Him, fit for realms above,
With Him, and like Him, for eternity:
Is now to sit at Jesus' feet our choice?
How will fruition then our souls rejoice!

a said ...
i'm sorry to hear of the troubles you're having in the USA.

My aunty plays the FinlandiaHymn and would like a copy of the tune so we can sing it better

look foward to hearing from you



Friday, Jun 26, 2020 : 23:15
Gregory Morris said ...
Perhaps your Aunt could subscribe to an appeal for either a new piano to replace this honky tonk piano or a piano tuner to be engaged to tune it to accompany these fine voices and this lovely tune. I think the home grown tunes are more suited to the words
Wednesday, Apr 12, 2023 : 15:22

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