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O Thou Who Didst Thy Glory Leave

by Augustus Montague Toplady (1740-1778)

Tune: Meribah

1 O THOU who didst Thy glory leave,
Rebellious sinners to retrieve
From nature's deadly fall!
Thou, Thou hast bought us with a price,
Our sins against us ne'er can rise,
For Thou hast borne them all.

2 See Him for our transgressions given;
See the blest Lamb of God from heaven,
For us, His foes, expire;
Rejoice! rejoice! the tidings hear!
He bore, that we might never bear,
'Gainst sin, God's righteous ire.

3 Ye saints, the Man of sorrows bless,
The Lord, for your unrighteousness
Deputed to atone;
Praise, till with all the ransomed throng
Ye sing the never-ending song,
And sit upon His throne.

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