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Holy Father, Here Before Thee

by J. G. Arcus

Tune: Hymn to Joy

1 HOLY Father, here before Thee,
See Thy children humbly bow,
Seeking for Thy marriage blessing,
That alone can seal the vow:
May they know that mystic union,
Once, of old, ordained by Thee,
Still reserved for Thy redeemed ones,
Who have been to Calvary.

2 Saviour, as at Cana's wedding,
Thou didst water change to wine,
Turn their bridal cup of gladness
To an holy draught of Thine;
May the sacred ties of marriage
In their lives be ever seen,
And, their home, Thy love reflecting,
Witness Thou art Head supreme.

3 May they know the constant guidance
Of Thy Spirit through Thy Word,
And, by Thy rich grace sufficient,
Both walk worthy of their Lord;
And, throughout life's earthly journey,
Strong in faith and hope and love,
Serve Thee with Thy love constraining,
Till they reach that home above.


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