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Our God Is Our Salvation

by P. Gerhardt (1607-1676)

Tune: West View

1 OUR God is our salvation,
Our refuge in distress;
What earthly tribulation
Can shake our steadfast peace?

2 The ground of our profession
Is Jesus and His blood:
He gives us the possession
Of everlasting good.

3 We know no condemnation,
No law that speaks despair:
And Satan's accusation,
With Christ, we need not fear.

4 For us there is provided
A city fair in view,
To it we shall be guided,
Jerusalem the new.

5 Our portion there is lying,
A destined heavenly lot;
And though we're daily dying,
Our portion withers not.

6 The heart within us leapeth,
And cannot down be cast,
Since with our God it keepeth
Its never-ending feast.

7 The sun which, smiling, lights us,
Is Jesus Christ alone:
And what to song incites us
Is heaven on earth begun.

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