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What Cheering Words Are These

by J. Kent

Tune: Rhodes S.M.

1 WHAT cheering words are these!
Their sweetness who can tell?
In time and to eternal days ---
" 'Tis with believers well!"

2 In every state secure,
Watched by the Saviour's eye,
'Tis well with them should life endure,
And well if called to die.

3 Well in affliction's ways,
Or on the mount with God;
Well when they joy, and sing, and praise,
Or buffet with the flood.

4 'Tis well when joys arise,
'Tis well when sorrows flow,
Or darkness seems to veil the skies,
And strong temptations grow.

5 'Tis well when on the mount,
They feast and joy in love;
And 'tis as well, in God's account,
When they the furnace prove.

6 But above all, how well
When Jesus speaks the word,
And, at the trumpet's sounding swell,
They rise to meet their Lord!

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