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Now Let Our Hearts Unite

by J. Irons (1785-1852)

Tune: Millennium

1 NOW let our hearts unite
To praise the Saviour's name;
Let ransomed souls delight
His triumph to proclaim,
Till heaven and earth shall hear our songs:
Salvation to our God belongs.

2 He gave for us His Son
In everlasting love;
And lo, our Lord came down
His faithfulness to prove;
Obeyed and suffered, died and rose
In triumph over all our foes.

3 Now He's exalted high,
And from yon glorious throne
He hears His people cry,
And claims them as His own;
He bears them all upon His breast:
In Him we are completely blest.

4 For ever justified
By His atoning blood,
We shall be glorified
In presence of our God;
Ere long we shall our Saviour see,
For where He is His saints must be.

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