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The Head That Once Was Crowned With Thorns

by Thomas Kelly (1769-1854)

Tune: Barrow C.M.

1 THE head that once was crowned with thorns,
Is crowned with glory now;
Heaven's royal diadem adorns
The mighty Victor's brow.

2 Thou glorious light of courts above,
Joy of the saints below,
To us still manifest Thy love,
That we its depths may know.

3 To us Thy cross with all its shame,
With all its grace be given;
Though earth disowns Thy lowly name.
God honours it in heaven.

4 Who suffer with Thee, Lord, below,
Shall reign with Thee above:
Then let it be our joy to know
This way of peace and love.

5 To us Thy cross is life and health;
'Twas shame and death to Thee;
Our present glory, joy and wealth,
Our everlasting stay.

Karyn said ...
Beautiful song the words are outstandingly so very meaningful. Lovely as our worship shall always be. Christ Jesus Victor He is deserving of all things especially all our love. He died for us because He loved us, we should give our lives over to Him as well.
Thursday, Apr 6, 2023 : 01:12
Nick Fleet said ...
What possessed the compilers of the music edition to pick 'Barrow'? Everyone knows that the proper tune for this hymn is St Magnus, aka Nottingham. ;-)
Friday, Apr 7, 2023 : 02:22
Gregory Morris said ...
A wholly unsatisfactory tune. But I think there are few hymns that have a proper tune. Americans are always complaining about the tunes we set to well beloved hymns. This however does have a proper tune and a fine one at that.
Friday, Apr 14, 2023 : 00:49

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