Brethren Archive
The Year 1864

Leaves from Olivet - A Collection of Sacred Poetry

by Albert Midlane

Diane Shirley McNeil said ...
Is Mr Mildane's work still in print? and if so where could I obtain a copy?
Please advise.
Many thanks,
Shirley McNeil
Friday, Sep 21, 2018 : 15:39
Tom said ...
Hi Diane,
I think this item is quite rare, in fact I don't even have it myself.
Best strategy is usually to leave a 'Saved Search' on ebay and Abe Books and hope something comes up eventually.
Friday, Sep 21, 2018 : 16:40
Tony Butler said ...
I am a retired pastor. Converted in 1954 while worshipping at the Gospel Hall at Wareham,Dorset. I discovered a poem entitled “The Brother” in a copy of the Harvester magazine of that year. I kept it in my Bible for many years through theological college and parish work, but lost it some years ago. It rather haunts my memory! The first lines and verse ran something as follows:

To be a preacher some aspire,
While some desire to teach.
This word appeals to every heart,
And comes within its reach.

Do you have a copy of this poem in the Brethren Achive, please?
Yours with brotherly affection!
Tony Butler
Monday, Mar 25, 2019 : 03:43

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