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Music arranged for a few Hymns and some Spiritual Songs. Selected 1856, for The Little Flock.

Tom said ...

This is a rare little book; do we have any information on who the compilers were?

The Botley Tune book references "Miss Wigram's Collection", many of which (the tunes referenced) appear in this book.

Monday, Mar 9, 2020 : 19:17
Martin Arhelger said ...

I have the same edition. A hand-written dedication (to a certain "Matilda Pike") is from Nov. 1870 but the book is probably older.

By the way: "Hymns for the Poor of the Flock" (Central tract Depot) from 1841 has a short note just at the beginning of the book: "Shortly will be published, a book of psalm and hymn tunes." Does anybody know anything about this tune book? Was it ever published?


Tuesday, Mar 10, 2020 : 04:14
Audrey Williamson said ...
I grew up in the Exclusive Brethren and I remember my Dad whistling a hymn tune we used to sing. He whistled it every time we were on the way to the park on a Saturday! 🌝
Can I WhatsApp someone a recording of my lala-ing it to my friend. I would love to identify it.
In Christ
Audrey N. Williamson
Friday, Jun 30, 2023 : 05:25
Tom said ...
Hi Audrey, maybe you could put it on DropBox or Google Drive and share a link to it?
Friday, Jun 30, 2023 : 05:48

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