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The Holiest We Enter

by Mary Bowley

Tune: Aurelia

1 THE holiest we enter
In perfect peace with God;
Through whom we found our centre
In Jesus and His blood:
Though great may be our dullness
In thought and word and deed,
We glory in the fulness
Of Him that meets our need.

2 Much incense is ascending
Before the eternal throne;
God graciously is bending
To hear each feeble one;
To all our prayers and praises
Christ adds His sweet perfume,
And He the censer raises
These odours to consume.

3 O God, we come with singing,
Because Thy great High Priest
Our names to Thee is bringing,
Nor e'er forgets the least:
For us He wears the mitre,
Where "Holiness" shines bright;
For us His robes are whiter
Than heaven's unsullied light.


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