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In Deep, Eternal Counsel

by G.W. Frazer

Tune: Ellacombe

Tune: Ellacombe

1 IN deep, eternal counsel,
Before the world was made,
Before its deep foundations
On nothingness were laid,
God purposed us for blessing,
And chose us in His Son,
To Him to be conformed,
When here our course was run.

2 In present, blest acceptance
In Him who came to die;
In Him who now is seated
At God's right hand on high;
In grace which is unchanging,
We stand from day to day,
And prove the boundless mercies
Which strew our pilgrim way.

3 And when the day of glory
Shall burst upon this scene,
Dispelling all the darkness
Which deep'ning still had been;
Oh, then He'll come in brightness,
Whom every eye shall see,
Arrayed in power and glory;
And we shall with Him be.

4 For He who left the glory,
To die upon the tree,
Will soon complete the story
And come again; and we
Conformed to His image,
As known, be brought to know;
And with increasing fervour
Our ceaseless praise shall flow.

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