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Lord Jesus, We Worship And Bow At Thy Feet

by Marie de Fleury (d. 1794)

Tune: Lion of Juda

1 LORD Jesus, we worship and bow at Thy feet,
And give Thee the glory, the honour that's meet;
While through Thee, O Saviour, our praises ascend
To God and the Father through worlds without end.

Laxman Khadka said ...
I am so happy and blessed to learn the tuning of the Hymn. I don't who did this, he did a good job putting all the songs in the web for all. Thank you brother for doing this. My name is Laxman Khadka. We are from Bhutan but now serving the Lord here in US. Plz pray for us.
We live in Spokane WA.
Wednesday, Sep 19, 2018 : 02:44
Tom said ...
Hi Laxman .. I went to the conference in Spokane in 2011 I think it was .. Experienced some lovely hospitality from the Butanese Brethren there .. maybe we met then.
Thursday, Sep 20, 2018 : 05:24

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