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All The Path The Saints Are Treading

by Janetta Wilbraham Taylor

Tune: Oakham

1 ALL the path the saints are treading,
Trodden by the Son of God:
All the sorrows they are feeling,
Felt by Him upon the road:
All the darkness and the sorrow
From around and from within,
All the joy and all the triumph,
He passed through apart from sin.

2 Now come forth in resurrection,
Passing onward to the throne,
Having suffered all the judgment,
Borne the storm of wrath alone:
He is able thus to succour
Those who tread the desert sand,
Pressing on to resurrection,
Where He sits at God's right hand.

3 Now He praises in the assembly,
Now the sorrow all is passed;
His the earnest of our portion,
We must reach the goal at last.
Yes, He praises, grace recounting
All the path already trod ---
We associated with Him ---
God, our Father and our God.

4 Join the singing that He leadeth,
Loud to God our voices raise;
Every step of faith yet trodden
Is a triumph of His grace:
Whether joy, or whether trial,
All can only work for good,
For He healeth all --- who loves us
And hath bought us with His blood.

5 It is finished! It is finished!
Who can tell redemption's worth!
He who knows it leads the singing ---
Full the joy, as fierce the wrath.
Taken up in resurrection,
Desert ways rehearsed above,
Tell the power of God's salvation,
And His never-failing love.

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