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Rest, My Soul, The Work Is Done

by Mary Bowley

Tune: Mercy

1 REST, my soul, the work is done,
Done by God's beloved Son;
This to faith is now so clear,
There's no place for torturing fear.

2 Not through works of weary toil
Comes the sunshine of God's smile;
Won by Christ, if found in Him,
Brightly falls the glorious beam.

3 With belief in Jesus blest,
We are entering into rest;
He who God's salvation brought
In us all our works hath wrought.

4 Come, my soul, take up the cross,
Count the gain, despise the loss;
Labour for and with the Lord
Brings exceeding great reward.

5 Free from every fear of wrath,
Choose the labourer's happy path;
Tread the way which Christ hath trod
Till the sabbath of thy God.

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