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The Lamb Was Slain, His Precious Blood

by G.W. Frazer

Tune: Melita

1 THE Lamb was slain, His precious blood
On Calvary's awful tree was shed;
He for the guilty sinner stood,
And bore the judgment in his stead.
He has made peace,
And now He lives who once was dead.

2 Proclaimer of that peace to all,
He tells of full, unmingled grace,
To high and low --- who hear the call ---
To old and young of Adam's race,
He preaches peace,
And love divine shines in His face.

3 Behold Him now, exalted high;
Upon the throne He took His seat;
Oh, wondrous grace, that we brought nigh
And in Him seated are complete;
He is our peace,
For light divine He's made us meet.

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