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Saviour, Who Can E'er Forget

by R. Seagrave (b. 1693)

Tune: St. Peter's (Mancroft)

1 SAVIOUR, who can e'er forget
Or cease to bless Thy name,
Which alone hath power to move,
And every heart inflame?
Ne'er was love so great as Thine,
Ne'er was bounty so divine;
Ransomed mortals feel the grace
Which angels love to trace.

2 None could think such love but Thou,
And none below could ask;
None but Thou in heaven or earth
Could execute the task.
Thou beholding from afar
Saw'st no Mediator near;
Stooping from above the skies
Thou cam'st the Sacrifice.

3 Bowing 'neath Thy God's dread hand ---
We bless Thy constant name;
Rising from the bands of death ---
We celebrate Thy fame;
Worthy then art Thou to reign,
Worthy to be loved again,
Worthy Thou to be adored,
Of heaven and earth the Lord.

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