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Father! Thine Own Unbounded Love

by H. Allen

Tune: Glasgow C.M.

1 FATHER! Thine own unbounded love
Has reached us through Thy Son;
We now behold Him crowned above,
Eternity's begun.

2 Once far from Thee and dead in sin,
In Him who lives we live;
Our spirits rise to bless Thy name,
And holy worship give.

3 The praises led by Thy Beloved,
Delight Thy holy ear;
And we, with hearts divinely moved,
Rejoice that praise to share.

4 Father, Thy love our portion is,
Thou gav'st us to Thy Son,
For Thine own glory and for His,
Made like that blessed One.

5 In that bright scene of cloudless light,
Where sons at home shall be,
With Him we'll share that glory bright,
And all His beauty see.

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