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O Gracious Shepherd, Bind Us

by J. Hutton

Tune: Angel's Story

1 O GRACIOUS Shepherd, bind us
With cords of love to Thee,
And evermore remind us
How mercy set us free.
O may the Holy Spirit
Keep this before our eyes,
That we Thy death and merit
Above all else may prize.

2 We are of God's salvation
Assured through Thy love,
Yet oft, on slight occasion,
How faithless do we prove!
Thou hast our sins forgiven:
Then leaving all behind,
We would press on to heaven,
Bearing the prize in mind.

3 O may we then, Lord, ever,
While in this vale of tears,
Look up to Thee, and never
Give way to anxious fears:
For Thou wilt not forsake us
Though we are oft to blame;
O let Thy love then make us
True to Thy faith and name.

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