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O Lord, Thou Never-Changing One

by George de Mattos

Tune: Woodworth L.M.

1 O LORD, Thou never-changing One,
Our hearts delight to think of Thee;
Thy love, eternally the same,
Our theme of endless praise shall be.

2 From every earthly reed we turn,
Leaning on Thee to find our rest;
And in the knowledge of Thy love
Are fully and for ever blest.

3 Oh, guard meanwhile these hearts of ours,
And fill them, All-sufficient One;
Be it our constant rest to know
That Thou art ours, and we Thine own.

4 Thou soon our raptured gaze shalt meet,
Thy praise in heaven our tongues employ;
With Thee, and like Thee, then to be ---
Our perfect everlasting joy.

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