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'Tis Not Far Off --- The Hour

by Miss Hannah Kilham Burlingham

Tune: Trentham S.M.

1 'TIS not far off --- the hour
When Christ will claim His own!
We soon shall hear that voice of power,
The Lord Himself shall come.

2 The days are passing by;
The years flow on apace;
Lord Jesus! Thy return draws nigh;
We long to see Thy face.

3 Eternal in the heavens,
Is our prepared abode ---
Radiant and pure, in light divine,
The building of our God.

4 Then rest, divinely sweet,
Our pilgrim feet shall know;
And through that blest eternity
What tides of praise shall flow!

5 Come quickly, blessed Lord!
Like exiles here we roam;
Fulfil to us Thy gracious word,
Lord Jesus, take us home.

Gregory Morris said ...
When the great revision comes, could we have the home-grown Swedish tune "Bexhill" It"s a perfect match. The Taylorites may have changed the last verse but they have improved it in balance, scansion and biblical weight.

In patience Lord we wait
For Thee to take us home;
Fulfill to us Thy gracious word -
Amen - Lord Jesus come!
Saturday, Aug 14, 2021 : 04:29

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