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O Blessed Saviour, Is Thy Love

by Joseph Stennett (1663-1713)

Tune: Evan C.M.

1 O BLESSED Saviour, is Thy love
So great, so full, so free?
Fain would we have our thoughts, our hearts,
Our lives, engaged with Thee.

2 We love Thee for the glorious worth
Which in Thyself we see;
We love Thee for that shameful cross,
Endured so patiently.

3 No man of greater love can boast
Than for his friend to die;
Thou for Thine enemies wast slain;
What love with Thine can vie?

4 Though in the very form of God,
With heavenly glory crowned,
Thou didst a servant's form assume,
Beset with sorrow round.

5 Thou wouldst like wretched man be made
In everything but sin,
That we as like Thee might become
As we unlike had been:

6 Like Thee in faith, in meekness, love,
In every beauteous grace;
From glory into glory changed,
Till we behold Thy face.

7 O Lord! we treasure in our souls
The memory of Thy love;
And ever shall Thy name to us
The sweetest odour prove.

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what a beautiful hymn!
Sunday, Feb 2, 2020 : 11:10

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