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2nd February 1891

Letter - 2nd February 1891

by W.J. Lowe

4 pages.


7 Mt Park Crescent, Ealing,

2 Feb 1891 London


Beloved Brother

Yours of 24th ult. Is just to hand. We have had the “W. K. “ matter up in London, and as far as I am aware brethren are quite firm + decided to have no compromise but on the ground of truth and repentance. I had occasion to speak of this publicly more than once; and several others have done the same. The last few weeks we have heard no more of it. There was another feature antecedent to the Ryde business + I believe the reason why the Lord allowed Mr Kelly get entangled at Ryde; and that was the way he had been pushing Brethren to the front in christendom + by “settling” all cases of trouble which arose in the gatherings intelligently but without exercise of conscience in those affected by the trouble, he had done a good deal towards stifling the true spirit of self judgment and dependence on the Lord. That was practically corrupting brethren as a whole, engendering a Laodicean character which came out at the Manchester meeting some fourteen or more years ago _ and greatly troubled Mr. Darby.  They are times of sifting, dear brother and we need much patience and great quietness of mind, in confidence in the Lord. We will carry out His own work in His own way: + we must trust in Him. Dear Brand, who has been greatly used in this controversy + is very clear, is thinking of visiting Canada, if he is not there already. He seems happy to leave the saints in Japan for a little season. He was to be at Captn Trigge’s about this time if the Lord will. Perhaps you may see him: I have still your papers. I am sure you have done wisely not to answer: it is God’s path. Honest enquiry must be met as far as possible: attacks just left where they are. Beloved J.N.D. used often to say, “Take care of your conduct + God will care for your character.” The letter of Chesterfield’s you enclosed has been useful. The conflict rages very much now in France + Germany. The Ravenites leave no stone unturned to get accredited; + the peace of the saints seems a consideration too small to be taken account of. The effort is as scripture gives it, “To draw away disciples after them”. And we must expect it alas, even to the end. Almost all New Zealand and Australia seems to have gone with Raven; but they have had no real exercise yet, only false reports. An interesting man named John Bryant, 12 Cormsdore St., Newtown, Sydney, seems making a stand for the truth. They have a tract depot there. I am posting a few things to you today. It has been impossible for me as yet to do anything in the matter of the tract on Double Quickening; but I hope not to lose sight of it. Those who believed in the Lord while on earth had of course eternal life + they were with Him, most wondrous privilege (Matt XIII, 17). But they had it not as yet for their own souls as based upon His death + resurrection. For He had not yet died. It was a transition state which God did not allow to last long. The thief never knew the Lord’s resurrection at all, yet he went straight into Paradise with Jesus. You can’t make “Theology” out of the living word of God. The word will not bend to it. The only life a quickened soul can have now is Christ’s risen life; for Christ is risen. To teach otherwise is really to cast a slur on the operation of the Holy Ghost in quickening; for He has come “to glorify Jesus”. Ignoring this is, I take it, one of the very evil features of Raven’s system. The Lord uses all this warfare to deepen in our souls the sense of what He is. It Is very gracious of Him. Very much love to you + all the dear saints from us both. Yr very affect. bro. in Him

(signed) W. J. Lowe.

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