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7th April 1910

Letter - 7th April 1910

by W.J. Lowe

3 pages.

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34, Woodside,

7 April 1910

Beloved Brother

Though I wrote to you a short time ago, I just send a line to say that I hear that C. E. Lawrence of Kamloops is likely to be turned aside by Upson. I do not know whether you have any influence with Lawrence, who was much esteemed here, but is isolated for a long time in Winchester, so that he did not see many. This T. Wells movement which is popish in assumption, seems to extinguish all christian affection & they have forced division in several places. But where the brethren have got free from it, there seems quite a reviving of spiritual energy & blessing. And I do trust that, through God's mercy, that may go on. The general state of things is low indeed, – but there is a desire with many of the young to walk so as to please God, & to read the Scripture. The want of conscience, & independence, and spirit of slander, shown by the T. W. partisans is terrible, especially Dr. Fosbery, who falsifies every fact either by what he states or omits, so as to give it a false colouring; & he quibbles over the word "fellowship" exactly as they did in T. Wells, so as to conceal their self will and unrighteousness. It is heart-rending to have to be occupied with these things; but I think the Lord is giving us deliverance, at all events in a measure.

Our much love in the Lord

Yours aff{ectionate}ly in Him

W. J. Lowe

I sent you the package of 18 "Letters" for Binding Lix & Lx together some short time ago.

D said ...

Appears to be a follow up note to the letter of March 17 1910 addressed to J H McNairn.

Sunday, Aug 23, 2020 : 06:42
Timothy Stunt said ...
I think the missing word in the inserted line near the end of page 2 may be 'spirit' so it would read 'spirit of slander'. Timothy Stunt
Sunday, Aug 23, 2020 : 21:26

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