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It is a quiet pleasant place, where he has a house and acre of orchard, which he would gladly sell if he could, but lives in, as it saves the rent & a good deal of expense, till he does sell it. He would be more then at the center of the work. But I dare say that the Lord sees it good he should wait for more maturity in himself, and the fuller sowing of seed which, as I have said to others, is what is going on in America now. Gathering will come in its time. However, he has been blessed to a good many souls, and the testimony is spreading, but it seems slow to his desires.  In New York, I have not hurried there, nor sought to do so, on the contrary. In general those who get loose from systems here reject the immortality of the soul or some such thing, so that one has to be very careful not to ‘found’ in rottenness. I have been able, through mercy, to combat this with a measure of success in New York, so that there is at any rate progress. Still hurrying would be rejecting the choicest among the souls seduced into this or admitting the allowability of the doctrine. But the Lord, I cannot doubt, is working. Will you tell Wigram I had begun a letter to him, but postponed finishing it till I might, with the Lord’s mercy, write perhaps of some result at New York, even if only a little commencement. The Lord surely led me there. May He only carry His own work on effectually. There are some precious souls and, thank God, several of them getting clear. Morris of Plymouth has been

Timothy Stunt said ...
William Morris, as a very young man, had been the minister of the Batter Street Congregational Chapel in Plymouth but in 1839 became one of the early Brethren in Plymouth. However in the early 1840s he was excluded from the assembly for his espousal of 'conditional immortality' (or, as he called it, 'Immortality through Faith') a subject on which he published more than one book. He travelled to the US where he studied medicine and in 1869 was lecturing in Philadelphia. By 1880 he was back in Plymouth living at Colquill Villa, Mannamead where he wrote the preface to his 'What is Truth? Or Pilate's Question answered: an expository essay' (Devonport [Plymouth], 1880). He died in 1884. Timothy Stunt
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