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This letterbook was published by CBA online in May 2017. See here for the announcement;

This project is a collaboration attempt to transcribe it and make useful observations etc.

The page numbers here refer to the numbered pages in the book itself, which is found here. Obviously / sadly I can't put the images of the pages up due to copyright.

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Tom said ...
Have added 30 stub pages of the 160 as a starter. Will add the rest as we make progress. Grateful as always to anyone who can help in this.
Tuesday, May 9, 2017 : 18:17
Bill said ...
Page 29

Brethren are very clearly bringing them into their place in testimony. It is an immense privilege – it is clearer to me than ever where they are – they are using Dr. Carson in Quebec against dear Scott. At Toronto & Hamilton it has done nothing & the Record about as much. Peace be with you, kind rememberances, ever very affecty, J.N.D.
I am thinking of an article for Present Testimony, a point which has much interested me in Scripture. I may have a little leisure here before the snow will quite take us with(?) to the Bush as it has been dry & drifted so as to leave the road partly bare.
* * * * *
Hamilton, Jan. 9, 1863

Dear Wigram,
I forwarded a letter to you. The Post-Master of Hamilton, who is in communion, tells me it is surer & not longer. I have nothing very new to tell you of the work here though there is progress in every way. The books sell largely as you may learn in London. Enquiry spreads, & the truth as to the Church, the Lord’s coming, & personal appearance of salvation is occupying many minds. I have reading meetings at various houses & a tolerable number have found peace. The work in penetrating into the States & I have letters from more than one quarter. Labourers are wanting, not so much for details in Canada,
Friday, May 12, 2017 : 21:37
Bill said ...
Page 30
Though for active work they are, but, to carry effectually, in a general way, the knowledge of what the testimony is. However a Baptist minister & his wife (Americans) are getting hold of the truth, she is a very nice Christian, & they would be [word missing] the Lord helping. The Grants are at work. Robert, the unmarried one, the only traveling evangelist we have since Evans. I have given them the rest of the £80. Frederick’s brother-in-law has just found peace at Toronto. The work is no way measured just now by persons added, though a tolerable number have been, some 20 or 30 since I have been here, but the inquiry & spread of truth is considerable. Of course, there are warnings & pains to hinder people coming, more especially in the English & Scotch Free bodies, where perhaps the greatest degree of inquiry was, but after all it does not hinder it much really & it is spreading, but everything depends practically on the devotedness of Brethren by reason of the sleepy worldliness of professors here. I trust the Brethren still pray for us. There are a number of really very dear godly Brethren here. Mrs. Lumond of Quebec is coming nicely out in decision & work, & cheer. Scott is encouraged, though these people have been warned too. They have disseminated Carson’s tract, but if he goes on quietly, this will not stop the work. At Montreal too, where Craik Baynes’s position is a hindrance, things are taking, I think, a more healthful form. I am thinking of going into the States but not yet. It seems inclined to set in sleighing weather & I shall then
Friday, May 12, 2017 : 21:38
Bill said ...
I need help on determining 2 words, or it may be one word.
Page 31
(D.Y.) be up in the Bush, where otherwise one cannot ____ get & on to Lake Huron – kindest love to all, ever affty yours, J.N.D.
I have printed a reply to Colenso(?), only a pamphlet, they made a fuss about the printing of Brethren & their reviewers; but it is just as good as our English printing. The words left out were left out by the copyist. J.N.D.
* * * * *
Post mark Guelph, C.W. 10 Feb. 1863

Dearest McAdam,
I feel the seriousness of the crisis or position in which the testimony of the saints of God is placed by the controversy that is going on. It has in a certain sense come on me by surprise & I am perhaps better able to feel it by being at a distance. I am in no hurry, but I feel it very sorrowful on one side & very encouraging on the other. When the tract came out on “The Righteousness of God,” I had not the remotest idea of the tumult that would ensue, nor, I may add, of the low estate in which the Evangelical body, as such, stood. God, I am well & thankfully assured, will never leave His own, but the professing body seems to me to be breaking up into Puseyites who (as the Pope said to some of them lately ___ ___??) are as the Church bell who call the people into it, but are always outside of it themselves on the one hand, and Rationalists on the other, while the Evangelicals are incapable of
Friday, May 12, 2017 : 21:40
Timothy Stunt said ...
I think your missing words are: 1) 'well' between 'cannot' and 'get'
and 2) 'not ill' after lately. Perhaps in 21st century English, JND would have used in the first query, 'easily' instead of 'well'. In the second query, instead of 'not ill' he might have said 'not unreasonably'... the suggestion is that in this observation JND thought the Pope's judgement was right and the Puseyites were effectively a 'church bell' summoning Anglicans to Rome... Incidentally, i your transcription 'D.Y.' should read 'D.V.' [Deo volente]. Timothy Stunt
Saturday, May 13, 2017 : 18:46
Tom said ...
Excellent work .. thanks Greg, Bill, Timothy!
Saturday, May 13, 2017 : 23:29
Bill Chellberg said ...
Hi Tom,

I have just finished the last pages of the DARBY LETTERBOOK, I believe. Thanks for giving me this opportunity to help.

In Christ,
Bill Chellberg
Sunday, May 27, 2018 : 05:55
Tom said ...
Hi Bill,
(I moved your comment here)
Thanks a lot .. very grateful for all the time you have given to this.
Monday, May 28, 2018 : 04:10

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