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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 43


The He is often pleased to bless those who most of all act in opposition to the rules to the very Body to which they outwardly belong: God is careless of man’s order & breaks through it everywhere, & many on the contrary will refuse to acknowledge God’s work because carried on in a way he calls schismatic.

4) Or take again the ordering of public worship. We have a very particular plan for the ordering of God’s Church in this respect 1 Corinthians 12, 14; even regulating the covering or baring of the head, surely therefore minute enough in detail. But it is set aside. Upon what plea? That it is out of date, unsuited to the times in which we live. In place of which we have put into our hands a liturgy; at best a human invention & which, however Scriptural it may be in its doctrinal reading, manifestly excludes the direct government of the Spirit by whom and how He pleases. The real Scriptural plan could not indeed (as your Lordship will see) be carried out in this day without a direct violation of the established order: according to which the whole business of edification is left to one man, who, qualified or unqualified, must be pastor, teacher, evangelist, & all to the exclusion of any other however qualified or spiritually guided. My Lord, it is with deepest sorrow that we speak of these

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