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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 44


things. In taking so decisive a step as this we have sought not to confer with flesh & blood; & we trust we can appeal to the Searcher of all hearts as to the simplicity of our motives. Doubly hard does it seem to be compelled at the present time to weaken even in any degree the hands of one who is engaged in fighting himself in another field the battles of the Truth. But Oh! my Lord, the voice of Him who is the Truth Himself has taught us not to think of His followers as obtaining ought of what the world calls victory or applause. His only place on earth was one of rejection & it is enough for the disciple if he be as his Master. We believe you will desire it no otherwise. My Lord, we must needs obey the convictions of our hearts, & in so doing separate from the Church of England. The ties of gratitude for much well remembered kindness will not be severed too; nor shall there ever be dis-united the common bond that in infinite mercy has linked our soul to the unseen Beloved. We do not separate indeed willingly from any of the children of God that are scattered abroad. We only seek in humility of spirit to carry out the Lord’s own principles of separation from the evil of the world. For every one of the Lord’s own people we have a brother’s hand & a loving heart, and the tenderest of all Christian fellowship, for whom God has accepted we may not refuse. We anxiously

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